Learn hiragana and katakana.

Train your reading comprehension.

What are hiragana and katakana?

If you want to learn Japanese it is essential to learn hiragana. This writing system represents every sound in Japanese with a unique character.

Almost every textbook expects some knowledge of hiragana. It's important to be able to read it quickly and accurately.

Katakana is a similar system, used for foreign words and emphasis among other things.

you can kana introduces hiragana and katakana in a series of easy lessons and tests you as you go along to help with memorisation.

Speed up reading comprehension!

Type against the clock in Challenge Mode. Type the words before they disappear off-screen!

In order to get a high score you will need to read quickly and accurately.

Training your reading speed in this arcade mode will make all Japanese learning smoother and more enjoyable.

A game by James Moulang

With audio by SØL